Wordlwide strategic applications, such as those in the area of oil & gas, meteorology and biology, depend on high performance computing (High Performance Computing – HPC) to process large amounts of data. Cloud computing emerged as a low-cost alternative to HPC, offering a set of virtualized resources that can be quickly provisioned and dynamically scalable. The C+HPC Lab at UFF conducts research focusing on the problem of allocation and management of resources in clouds for the efficient and low cost execution of HPC applications, aiming to overcome the challenges that the use of this platform imposes to minimize the time of execution and energy consumption and to maximize fault tolerance, respecting service level agreements (SLA).


Doctoral Stay at Sorbonne

Ph.D. student Luan Teylo was awarded a six-month scholarship to pursue a doctoral stay at the Sorbonne Université in Paris. The scholarship is part of Capes PrInt’s ReMatCH project and started in September 2019, ending in February 2020. Luan Teylo is supervised by professor Lúcia Drummond and will work with professors Pierre Sens and Luciana …

winter school

PhD student Luan Teylo participated in the 5th GDR RSD and ASF Winter School on Distributed Systems and Networks. The winter school takes place annually in the French Alps region and is organized by GDR RSD and ACM SIGOPS, with support from INRIA. At the event, professors from different European universities share their academic experiences …


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